To register a child at ARK Alpha Nursery you will need to complete our parent pack.  These can be collected from nursery or sent out in the post.  Please return the completed forms together with the registration fee of £36 (for funded children this fee is waived). On receipt of the completed parent pack and registration fee, we will send a welcome letter confirming sessions and an expected start date.


Settling in without tears

We operate a ‘settling in without tears' policy to make sure that all children will be happy after their parents leave. When parents attend their first settling in visit the key person will outline the settling in steps. We will not allow children to start their contracted sessions if there is a likelihood of them becoming distressed.


What's in your parent pack

  • Registration form – this is your contract with the Nursery. We require 4 weeks notice when a change of contract is required.
  • Carers list – a list of adults (over 14) to whom you give permission to collect your child. However, staff must be made aware on the day if they are picking up.
  • Allergy and medicine information – you must tell us about any allergies and/or medication your child may have, even if they are not brought in to nursery.
  • Pricing structure agreement – this is a contract agreeing that you will abide by our pricing structure.
  • Summary of main policies – a brief explanation of main policies. A full list can be provided on request and is available on our website.