This pricing structure is now fully inclusive for fee-paying parents (excluding medicines e.g. paracetamol and teething gel) for the following items:


All meals, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, milk and sun cream, are included within the fees, all funded ONLY places must provide daily.




Full week

7.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday



Full day



Sessions am/pm

7:30 am-12:45 pm, 12:45 pm - 5.00 pm


FUNDING ONLY SESSIONS: (15 or 30 hours funding) 
AM - 8:45-11:45

PM 12:45- 3:45

Extended morning (funded children only)

7.30 am – 8:45 am and 11:45noon – 12.45pm


Extended afternoon (funded children only)

3:45pm – 5.00 pm






Before and after school club (Ark Ayrton Academy children only)       


£4 per hour 


To be paid for all children where fees are met fully by funding



Late fees

£6.00 per 10 mins




We calculate fees on a monthly basis and they are payable in advance. Invoices are raised each month for the sessions to be used that month, this means the monthly total will vary from month to month.



Bank holidays, absences due to illness and holidays are also payable and refunds or reductions are not given



Invoices can be paid directly to our bank (Sort Code 30-92-45 with Account No. 44089560)


Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free childcare

We can accept childcare vouchers if you already have an active account with a provider and we also accept Tax Free childcare that you can apply for through


NEG Funding (Nursery Education Grant) and 2 year funding.

NEG funding applies to all children at the beginning of the term following their third birthday.  Children who qualify will be notified by the manager and requested to complete required paperwork.  You will be entitled to 15 hours per week.  Funding applies for 38 weeks of the year and is term time only.  If you choose to put your child in nursery for more than 15 hours a week you will have to pay the remaining balance using one of the above payment methods.


To apply for 2 year funding please follow the link and complete the application process:



If your child is leaving nursery we require a minimum of four weeks written notice.



If you need to change your child’s sessions permanently we require a minimum of four weeks written notice.  Extra sessions can be booked for an additional charge if there is capacity within the Nursery.  Extra sessions must be paid for at the time of booking.  In exceptional circumstances when a “same day” extra session is booked, payment must be made when you collect your child.  If you are not able to pay for the session at that time you will not be permitted to book any further extra sessions until payment is received.  Any extra sessions taken will be recorded on the following month’s invoice.  Should you cancel a booked extra session it will be charged if the Nursery has been staffed to accommodate the request.  If, due to timescales, a cancellation is accepted, then the payment will stay on your account to offset future fees or extras. 


Please complete a ‘Change of Sessions’ form available from the office.



This will be charged at £6.00 per 10 minutes. 



If fees are not paid on time, we will write to you requesting immediate payment and failure to do so will result in your child’s place being suspended.  Unpaid fees will be pursued and may result in the use of a County Court Judgement.



  • A 10% discount will be applied to fees for a second child.
  • A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended per booking is advsied.  
  • Late/early charges will apply if children are dropped off/collected before/after their booked sessions.
  • Ark Ayrton nursery is a non-profit-making nursery. 
  • Fees will be reviewed at least once every year, to meet budget requirements.