A day in the life at Ark Ayrton Nursery

Friday 04 October 2013

This morning, the children in the monkey and zebra rooms have been racing around the race course on bikes and scooters. This afternoon, they have been going on a bear hunt - starting with the story and then adventuring around the nursery to see if they could find a bear!

Leopards have had a great time, painting, digging and balancing in their courtyard garden. They have had stories in the garden. The rooms ‘home learning’ has been great. Penny came in with two home made aliens complete with underpants which she made at home with mummy. After reading the book she copied out the alien drawing and cut around it - amazing! Our core book this week is ‘aliens love underpants’.

Preschool have been investigating and discovering with ice after the room's mascot, Gerald the giraffe, snuck in overnight and froze some of the toys into ice, the children have been full of ideas and methods on how to free the toys! The children all worked together as a team and freed the toys! That naughty Gerald - I wonder what he will get up to next?