The Starfish room

Friday 04 October 2013

In the Starfish room the children have a large space and an outside area for them to explore. In this room the children are starting to become a little more independent, we aim to support and encourage this by allowing free choice of selected toys and activities and also allow free flow into the garden during allocated times.


Starfish (21 months – 2 yrs 8 months)

This room also has a nappy changing area to maintain continuity throughout the day.

The key person makes sure that the children’s individual needs are being met throughout the day and are always looking to develop their next learning target.

There are a variety of toys and purposeful play and learning activities available, which are both child centred and adult led, for the children to enjoy during the day.

Craft and creative activities are offered daily alongside mess and sensory play. The children are encouraged to take part in activities and play with and without adult support.

Stories and singing also play a big part in the day's activities and the children are encouraged to join in to help develop their communication and language skills as well as their social skills.


Transitioning between rooms

Within our nursery we have 4 main rooms all with free flow gardens in addition to 2 large garden areas, one has a wet weather surface and the other a natural grassy garden, both aimed at physical play.

As you have read, our rooms are age related, however this is just a guide.  The children are transitioned between rooms when they are emotionally, socially and physically ready. This is decided on a monthly basis involving the key person, room leader and parents. If it is decided that the child is ready then visits to the next room would take place throughout the month to ensure a smooth and happy progression.