Dates for 2019/20


Nursery Calendar:

Nursery will be open for 49 weeks of the year. Bank holidays will continue to be payable, however there will be no charge for additional closure days.


The proposed closure dates are as follows:


2nd 3rd September 2019

Inset days

4th October 2019

Inset day

24th December – 3rd January 2020 inclusive

Christmas closure.

Reopening on the 6th Jan 2020

14th February 2020

Inset day

10th – 17th April 2020 inclusive

Closure over Easter

3rd July 2020

Inset day



Term dates for funding


Autumn term

4th September – 20th December 2019

Spring term

6th January – 3rd April 2020

Summer term

20th April – 22nd July 2020